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AXIS Stacker Manifold
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stacker manifold XS2003-12-001 316 stainless steel 1/2" NPT AXIS type stacker manifold system comprising filter regulator, pressure relief valve, inlet flow control, poppet valve with EExd solenoid pilot and flow control on exhaust with breather.
stacker manifold XS2003-12-001 (3D) 3D representation of above stacker manifold system. Envelope dimensions 203mm x 210mm x 225mm. Comprehensive range of AXIS manifold systems available as shown in the catalogue.
stacker manifold XS1016-06-001 316 Stainless steel AXIS type manifold system comprising filter regulator, double check valve, take off, pressure relief valve, needle valve and poppet valve in the main flow line with 2 auto reset solenoid valves, 5 way 2 positon key operated valve for s
stacker manifold XS1016-06-001 (3D) 3D representation of the AXIS system. Envelope dimensions 260mm x 480mm x 204mm. Comprehensive range of AXIS systems available as shown in catalogue.