Cv Calculator

This Cv calculator is an excellent tool to ensure the circuit size you have choosen will operate the opening and closing times of your actuator within the required parameters.

If you press play on the video file opposite you will see how it operates.

Input the following:-

  1. Minimum pressure to complete stroke (Bar)
  2. Filter regulator set pressure (Bar)
  3. Swept volume of your actuator (Litres)
  4. Enter your maximum opening time (Seconds)
  5. Enter you maximum closing time (Seconds)

This will then give you 2 Cv figures. The first to satisfy the opening time, and the second to give you the Cv to satisfy the closing time.

If the closing time is the critical operating parametre, then from this application you can deduce the size of the QEV, if one is being used, for the exhaust time stipulated.

You can then decide off the Cv chart supplied by Bifold Fluidpower, which size controls to use and secondly whether a QEV is required and what size.

Please contact Bifold Fluidpower for assistance in your sizing operation.