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Bifold Fluidpower was established over a century ago as a manufacturer of steam valves and gas detection lamps for use in coal mines. We are now a leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves and accessories for use in the oil and gas industry. With the recent aquisition of Marshalsea Hydraulics, Bifold Fluidpower can now offer a large selection of pumps, pump sets and pressure intensifiers along with other high pressure stainless steel hydraulic equipment. Our state of the art manufacturing and test facilities are based in the UK with sales offices in Houston and Singapore and representatives in every continent. Through a commitment to innovation and value engineering, Bifold Fluidpower and Marshalsea Hydraulics offer leading technical solutions for control system designs whilst providing excellent service and technical support to customers around the world. Bifold Fluidpower design, develop and manufacture arctic service products for Alaska, Canada, the Caspian region, Kazakhstan, Russia and Sakhalin.

Solenoid Approvals

Bilfold Fluidpower valves are certified by several of international approved bodies such as:


International Approvals

  • GOST R (Russia)
  • GOST K (Kazakhstan)
  • CSA (US) (Canada and United States of America)
  • UL (United States of America)
  • ATEX (Europe)
  • INMETRO (Brasil)
  • IECEx (Worldwide)
  • NEPSI (China)
  • AUSex, ANZex (Australia, New Zealand)

Approval Testing

clicham testing facility

In obtaining a wide range of approvals Bifold Fluidpower has subjected valves to onerous tests accredited by external bodies.

  • Endurance testing to 600,000 cycles at the extremes of the operating temperature envelope.
  • Environmental testing from –70°C to +180°C
  • Full function testing, leak rate monitoring, proof testing 1.5 to 5 times operating pressure (dependent on approval body).
  • Maximum and minimum pull-in voltage testing.
  • Response time testing.
  • Dielectric strength and insulation strength testing.

State of the art testing and qualification facilities

approval testing

  • State of the art climatic test facilities (-70°C to +180°C).
  • Single valve or complete control system testing capability including the process valve actuator - avoid discovering a problem in the field.
  • Full data logging and analysis of temperature, pressure and response time.

Valve Performance Testing

Bifold Fluidpower offer full qualification testing facilities for external and customer witness testing free of charge when significant valve package orders are placed. We have invested in state of the art climatic testing facilities. Valves are tested to the extremes of the environment required. Testing from simple valve operation to variations in actuator opening times, and pressure surges due to fluid thermal expansion as a result of a rapid temperature rise.

Sakhalin Island and the Caspian region (40° latitude)

  • -35°C to -55°C for 1-2 days in winter to +40°C in summer.
  • Rapid temperature rises from -40°C to -20°C.
  • Products and systmes must be tested at both temperature extremes and tested to simulated rapid night to day temperature changes.

Produe Bay (70° latitude)

  • Long periods below -40°C.
  • Exposed parts freeze up.
  • Products must be held at -40°C for at least 10 days (dependant on the thermal hysteresis of the valve mass and materials).

Project References

  • Sakhalin Island on and offshore - Shell/Sakhalin Energy. Over 1500 electro-pnuematic and hydraulic control valves, air-preparation and accessory valves and manifold systems supplied on most of the packages.
  • Baku to Ceyhan Pipeline - BP. All electro-hydraulic directional control valve packages.
  • Tengiz-Tengizchevroil. Electro-hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves, air preparation and accessory valves. Used on well control, HIPPS valves, and actuated valve packages.
  • Snoehvit - Statoil. Electro-Hydraulic directional control valves for well control.
  • Shah Deniz - BP. Electro-hydrualic solenoid and accessory valves for HIPPS, wellhead controls and actuated valve packages.
  • Karachaganak - Karachaganak Int.Org. Solenoid, pilot, accessory and interface valves for well control packages.
  • Kashagan - KCO/AGIP. Pnematic valve actuator controls and used on wellhead controls.
  • Terra Nova - Petro Canada. Pnuematic and hydrualic control valves.
  • Hibernia - Petrol Canada. Pnuematic and hydraulic control valves.
  • Many other minor projects
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