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Bifold Fluidpower was established over a century ago as a manufacturer of steam valves and gas detection lamps for use in coal mines. We are now a leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves and accessories for use in the oil and gas industry. With the recent aquisition of Marshalsea Hydraulics, Bifold Fluidpower can now offer a large selection of pumps, pump sets and pressure intensifiers along with other high pressure stainless steel hydraulic equipment. Our state of the art manufacturing and test facilities are based in the UK with sales offices in Houston and Singapore and representatives in every continent. Through a commitment to innovation and value engineering, Bifold Fluidpower and Marshalsea Hydraulics offer leading technical solutions for control system designs whilst providing excellent service and technical support to customers around the world.

Leading Performance

Major oil & gas operators worldwide depend upon Bifold Fluidpower products to perform in the most extreme conditions both onshore and onshore. Depth of knowledge developed over the past century enables us to identify the optimum solution for each application. Over 3000 product designs include valves for pressures from 10 to 20,000 psi, ambient temperatures from -50°C to +180°C and fluid contamination levels beyond NAS 1638 Class 12.

Valve Actuators & Chokes

You can rely on Bifold Fluidpower for the widest range of directional control valves for valve actuators and chokes. Our compact manifold systems provide high integrity coupled with low maintenence. The solenoid valves comply with worldwide approvals including ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA, SAA, INMETRO, GOST and NEPSI. You also have the reassurance and convenience of global technical and circuit design support.

Marshalsea Hydraulics

marshalsea hydraulic valve

Marshalsea has an established reputation as a supplier to the oil and gas industry - which demands the very highest standards of engineering excellence and product. The companies success continues to be attributable to its firm commitment to product quality. In recent years, Marshalsea has built on the experience and skills of its workforce to extend its product range. In addition to its high quality pumps and valves, Marshalsea now provides a range of stainless steel pressure intensifiers for subsea and topside applications - plus a new range of water pumps specifically designed for water jet cutting applications.

Wellhead Control

wellhead control unit

The Bifold Fluidpower range for wellhead control incorporating electro-hydraulic low pressure logic valves, is the widest there is. With a choice of 8000 types across 15 categories, and high and low power options, you are sure to find a valve to meet with your application. This coupled with the Marshalseas range, gives you an even greater choice including pumps, relief valves and intensifiers.


subsea range unit

Experience gained since 1987 of successfully applying valves directly immersed in sea water has been applied to develop the technically superior, market leading performance FPS10 range of shearseal type directional control valves. Fully seawater compatible, the standard products are able to operate on fluids with contamination levels greater than NAS 1638 Class 12. True failsafe valves, they bring you the benefits of reduced manifold weight, size and costs, and put world beating performance at your command.

  • Worlds first 180°C, 20,000 psi valve for HPHT well SSSV control
  • Worlds first 130°C, 10,000 psi, 3000 metre subsea valve

Arctic Service

arctic service range unit

Since the middle 1990’s, Bifold Fluidpower’s directional control valves have demonstrated their ability to withstand the severity of environments in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Sakhalin and the Caspian Region. We supply the largest range of pneumatic and hydraulic products for pressures from 2 to 690 bar, backed by the quality assurance of valve type approval testing in our in-house, state of the art climatic test chamber for temperatures down to -70°C. Rigorous test programmes simulate both prolonged low temperature exposure and rapid temperature changes, including complete actuator control system testing.

Approval Testing

clicham testing facility

In obtaining a wide range of approvals Bifold Fluidpower has subjected valves to onerous tests accredited by external bodies.

  • Endurance testing to 600,000 cycles at the extremes of the operating temperature envelope.
  • Environmental testing from –70°C to +180°C.
  • Full function testing, leak rate monitoring, proof testing 1.5 to 5 times operating pressure (dependent on approval body).
  • Maximum and minimum pull-in voltage testing.
  • Response time testing.
  • Dielectric strength and insulation strength testing.

State of the art testing and qualification facilities

approval testing

  • State of the art climatic test facilities (-70°C to +180°C).
  • Single valve or complete control system testing capability including the process valve actuator - avoid discovering a problem in the field.
  • Full data logging and analysis of temperature, pressure and response time.

Solenoid Approvals


Bifold Fluidpower have solenoid valves certified by:

  • ATEX (European)
  • IECEx (Worldwide)
  • CSA (US), (Canada and the United States of America)
  • UL (United States of America)
  • INMETRO (Brasil)
  • AUSex (Australia)
  • ANZex (New Zealand)
  • GOST R (Russia) and GOST K (Kazakstan)
  • NEPSI (China)

Valve Performance Testing

Bifold Fluidpower offer full qualification testing facilities; independent inspectorate and/or customer witness testing is free of charge when significant valve package orders are placed. We have invested in state of the art climatic testing facilities. Valves are tested to the extremes of the environment required. Testing from simple valve operation to the assessment of:- i) variations in actuator opening times, and ii) pressure surges due to fluid thermal expansion as a result of a rapid temperature rise.

Leading Innovation

We combine the creative application of valve technology, innovative use of raw materials and the first hand knowledge of onshore and offshore hydraulic and pneumatic control systems to keep our customers ahead of the field. A significant part of our workforce is dedicated to developing valves that are smaller, more robust, low power solenoids, working at extreme temperatures, enhancing both output and safety.

World-wide Support and Service

With over 95% of our sales for export, we provides product and technical support for over 5000 valve products worldwide from the offices in the UK, Houston and Singapore. We have invested in state of the art machining centres ensuring accuracy of close tolerances, all thread milled ports and a rapid turnaround capability.

The end user can be sure that Bifold Fluidpower has the product portfolio and the technical and production capability to provide the right solution for your pneumatic and hydraulic system requirements.

Project Reference List

Bifold Fluidpower has supplied pneumatic and hydraulic contol valves to the vast majority of worldwide projects on all continents. Some recent major projects include; Akpo, Belanak, Bayu Undan, Capixaba, Dalia, Dolphin, Karachaganak, Kashagan, FPSO P50, FPSO P53, FPSO P54, Sakhalin, South Pars and North East Al Dhabiya/Rumaitha (NEB). A full Installation reference list is available via the this web site.

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